Ethernet contactless automatic car parking system

April 03, 2015

New design for automatic car parking system has the main idea to use for all elements of system as Ethernet IP-devices. Usual design of such systems is based on RS485 interface so it's very specialized system without ability to be expanded. Our new design idea to make flexible system. Each sensor is IP-device, Information table is IP-device too. So system consist of Server, many contactless IP-sensors, IP-displays. This architecture allow simple make the access to system over web front end user interface from any PC or smartphone as user to see the free places on parking or as administrator to service the system.

IP Display prototyping

March 26, 2015

Hardware team start prototyping IP Display unit. Within a few weeks we will do a few samples and proceed to their tests. This board can be used to provide also inexpensive NVR server. More information about IP Display.

The first prototype of Super resolution IP video camera

March 06, 2015

We develop the concept of a new video IP-camera to acquire images in 4k mode integrated with simple IP-cameras (fullHD). The main feature of the camera is the presence of controlled channels located such way that significantly reduced the effect of parallax.

New design IP Camera SONY IMX136 sensor

March 25, 2014

We have finished a new revision of HD IP Video camera based on TI TMS320DM368 chip. Total camera value was reduced. Support SONY IMX136 video sensor. It allows us to get good quality video at low cost.

SpecForge designs IP Display

September 12, 2013

We are designing new device - IP Display 27". That's able to show video streams on screen or sub-screens and also it can be a part of big Video Wall or can be used independently for surveillance display. HiSilicon Hi3531 processor used as the basis. More information will be placed on portfolio section.