Circuit Design

Our proficient design team can bring your product from concept to reality. We have experience with analog-digital circuit design and layout. From simple circuits to complex layouts we have your design needs executed.

We can design electronics and electrical circuitry for any product that is motorized or contains other electronic intelligence functionality. As part of our overall product design service, we have the skills needed to make your product function as intended.

  • Development of the structural scheme device
  • Development of the supply circuit, calculation of the currents
  • electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Selection and approval of component base
  • Development of complete concept and the list of constituents
  • Simulation work knots in Pspice
  • Technical documentation
  • Before layout, the significant part of circuit gets in verification to make sure that everything works correctly.

Decision for commercial and consumer applications

  • Digital circuit design
  • Analog circuit design
  • Audio, Video, Signal processing
  • Communication Devices and Interfaces
  • Battery-Powered, Portable Devices, Chargers
  • Human Interface Devices
  • Sensors and Controllers
  • DSP design
  • FPGA / CPLD design
  • RF / Wireless circuit design
  • Measurement circuits

We will do our best to find a solution that perfectly fits your company.