PCB Manufacturing

We can also manufacture printed circuit boards that we design for you. Our company has relationships with several manufactures in Russia and China (Shenzhen) that we can use. We always give preference to the partner which offers the best price at that moment.

During the development of your product, our PCB designers work closely with electrical engineers to ensure that the location of components and their designators correspond to the requirements of the circuit and structural parts of the project. We also cooperate with manufacturers that provide the efficient assembly support and reduce marriage output during production.

If you need help in choosing a PCB vendor, we have relationships with a large number of production houses and can find the best offer to PCBs, leaving you free to focus on the core of your design project.

Piece production (up to 10 boards)

If you order a simple single-sided PCB, we are able to produce it without assistance (it takes 1-2 days for us).Our company can also order the necessary component parts and assemble up to 10 boards by hand.

We have required equipment for the production and assembly of such number of PCBs.

On your personal preferences, Piece Production can be realized in manufacture, if you need to do it quickly. But we warn that it will be not cost-effective and too expensive.

Mass production

For large number of boards we recommend the production in plant. It's cheaper, the cost price is lower and takes less time. In this case, we discuss all necessary details before the start of production and then contact with manufacture, where they are already starting to produce, assemble and test your PCBs. We can physically support the production process in Russia or China.