Main office to Georgia

July 21, 2022

In March 2022, we were forced to move the main office to Georgia, Tbilisi and organize the main company in this hospitable and beautiful country. Now we are concentrating all our efforts on strengthening our ties and productive work in a new place. We strive to work with our customers in a close contact, informing them about all important stages of the project.

The biggest priority to us is the high performance of our proceedings. In our work we apply recent trends in hardware & software development. Our activity is based on the long-term traditions, best practices and strong scientific base.

Motion Detection Trigger without H.264 Stream Decoding

August 30, 2016

Developed by us GStreamer component to detect motion fact has the main feature - it works without preliminary decoding of H.264 stream. Implemented for version GStreamer 1.0 and its work is based on analysis of packed headers NALU (Network Abstraction Layer Unit). Analysis of frames header allows with high possibility to detect motion in frame and without decoding frames for processing. This filter is adaptive, i.e. builds the mathematical model with ability to modify the sensitivity threshold at change of external parameters. Read more ...

New Location

August 01, 2016

Our company expands the geography of work and presence. We are glad to announce that the second SpecForge office is opened in Latvia (Riga). This has enabled us to strengthen our position in the international market and cover a larger area of activities. Currently our both offices in Tomsk and Riga are functioned in one mode.
A. Caka street 118B,
Riga, LV-1012, Latvia

Next stage in development Multifocal IP Camera

July 25, 2016

For multifocal IP camera is finished motorized mechanical part of control zoom and focus. We assembled all motorization mechanism for each channel and motor control board. Now, zoom / focus settings carried remotely via multifocal camera control application, and do not require any physical intervention into camera.

multifocal IP camera

New interaction type in NotifyDuino app

July 14, 2016

Alternative way to realize interaction between device (Arduino Mega 2560) and Android app to NotifyDuino project. In work the new NotifyDuino version, in which management and data transmission from controller will be implement through external event server. This will allow the devices to operate without presence of an external static IP address and eliminate network setup procedure associated with port forwarding, it will work in any network where there is access to the World Wide Web. Just to simplify the procedure for adding new devices.