Working Process

SpecForge uses a thorough quality management system for every process. The following stages show the general process and the involvement of each side at every step. Please be aware to the fact that your contribution to the gathering of the contents, decision making and approval of created materials is crucial to the success of the Project.

  •  Working carefully on all project phases
  •  Pass you the results of done work
  •  Helping to implement final result of your project (if it needs)
  •  Accompany the product or project within specified period
  •  Have a software repository in which daily update the data.
  •  Guarantee that the loss of working materials and source code is excluded
  •  Provide acting reports upon request
  •  Working on modern project management methodologies (Scrum)

 Affirm the terms of reference and list of all necessary requirements for the product

 Forming stages of the project, gantt charts if the project is longer than usual.

 Affirm timeline and final cost.

 Select the technologies, tools and component database for specific

 communicate with project leader by email, Skype or phone

 Control the working process at any stage

 Have the opportunity to make changes if there is need

 Provide initial data and projects material

 Can see the results of verification and testing

Intellectual Property Protection

Protecting your intellectual property is crucial to the success of business. We at SpecForge take a proactive approach in preventing Intellectual Property theft and fraud to protect our customers. Your intellectual property will be safe with us!

We arrange independent information space for each project.

We use firewalls on internet channels.

We screen all employees for criminal background, civil action, any discrepancy in resume, experience, education, references and interviews.

Our company does not provide details of professional nature to other organization or discuss them with any third parties.

Public IP addresses are only on Internet-enabled server.

We are ready to sign an NDA (if it needs), before we start working with you.

We employ regularly updated antivirus software on each server and workstation.

SpecForge check all employees hired.

We transfer all property rights to the customer if there is no special arrangements.


In response to these security measures our company asks you also do not provide details of development process to third parties and leave public review of our work (on request) at the end of the project.

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