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Our services

We provide effective service solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Design Portfolio

We have a long history of successful projects, some are represented on site.

Professional Skills

From single-sided PCB production to unique design.
SpecForge and its vocational skills are here to convert your projects to life.

  • C/C++
  • Verilog
  • Embedded design
  • Altium Designer
  • FPGA, SoC
  • Analog/Digital
  • PCB layout
  • Special Design

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About us

SpecForge is a professional development company that specializes in fields of hardware design and software development.
We provide a wide range of services in PCB design , circuit design , software development , PCB manufacturing, prototypes assembling and testing, production support. SpecForge works with the clients worldwide. We have established firm partnerships with companies in Russia, the USA and Europe.
Our company activity is based on the long-term traditions, the best practices and strong scientific base. We use the most advanced technologies for your projects realization.

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Since the company foundation in 2004 and as of today, has been implemented more than 50 projects in various fields of automation, multimedia, surviliance, science.


We know what business is

Our company understands terms like "schedule" and "budget"! We will do our best to find the most effective solution to you.


Not a faceless company

We’re a small team of actual human beings, working together in professional cooperation. We will never suddenly disappear overnight with all your data — we’re here to stay.

Why should you choose us?

We aspire to turn all your ideas into reality, so here are some reasons to choose SpecForge as your partner in hardware design and software development.

  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Team leaders with PhD degree
  • Rapid quality work
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Responsive support
  • Security and reliability
  • We listen to your needs

Freescale QorIQ industrial automation controller

Full development: from creating concepts to launch and testing of prototypes. Freescale QorIQ CPU, 8 layers, via-in-pad, 2xGb Ethernet, HOTSwap, power safe in 200ms, PEX8311 PCIe host, Spartan-3A 484-BBGA, Verilog code, DDR2-667 ECC, NAND/NOR, MRAM, high density PCB, U-boot, Linux.


Multifocal IP video camera

Motorized 4-channel video camera. Each channel is able to move in 2 axes with very high accuracy. Resolution for each channel 1920x1080@30fps (up to 2592x1920@10fps). Our multifocal camera is designed to test video analytics algorithms that our team develops.


Embedded video wall board with Hisilicon Hi3531 - 4x1/1x4 modes

Board decodes up to 4 video streams over Ethernet and leads out to display panel or HDMI. Full project design: from creating concepts to launch and testing of prototypes. Support PoE, 6 layers, DDR3, HDMI, SATA, LVDS, 1Gbit. Overall segmentation protocol was developed for each channel of videowall without a central server.


Skynch - Remote management controller of winch system for launching a paraglider

Radio control motor direction, stepless adjustment of the motor rotation speed, emergency cutting rope by controlled over radio channel. Create schematics, PCB layout, preparation of documentation for the manufacturing, assembly and advice on tuning.


VHF/UHF TV tuner on Freescale i.MX27

Full development: from creating concepts to launch and testing of prototypes. High density layout, 8 layers, via-in-pad. As element of big multichannel system for archiving TV channels. Software: u-boot, kernel, BSP, user level, testing.


HD IP camera: sensor Sony IMX136, TI TMS320DM368

Full project design, several modifications for different form factors. PoE support, high density layout, 8 layers, DDR2, NAND, support different video sensors models, software: u-boot, kernel, BSP, user level, prototyping, testing.


Colibri development board CPU TI AM3359

Full project design from creating concepts to launch and testing of prototypes. Cheap embedded platform is a part of an integrated intelligent control system of street lights. Small form factor, high density layout, 6 layers, DDR2, NAND.


Car Parking Automation System

Concept development, PoE sensors and display panels, 3D modeling, prototyping, testing, sensor design for production, software development for all units of the system.

If you like what we have done, it is worth to see more!

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Own projects

We also work on own projects and some of them are available for free use on Github and website in Downloads section.

  HTML5 RTSP player

html5_rtsp_player.js is a Javascript library which implements RTSP client for watching live streams over websocket in your browser that works directly on top of a standard HTML element.

  Multifocal IP video camera

Motorized scene adaptive multifocal 4k & zone interest IP video camera. Significantly reduced the impact of the parallax effect due to specially developed the arrangement of cameras.


Free Arduino Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) project allows to receive messages from Arduino Mega 2560 controller board to custom device, based on Android OS.

  Motion detection trigger

Motion detection trigger GStreamer (v1.0) component. It works without preliminary decoding of H.264 stream and is based on analysis of packed headers NALU (Network Abstraction Layer Unit).

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