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SpecForge is an outsourcing company which specializes in fields of hardware and embedded software. Our company provides effective solutions for different technologies, starting from PCB design and low-level programming to high-level intelligent systems.

The company was founded in 2004, Tomsk. In 2016 we decided to expand the geography of work and opened new representative in Riga, Latvia. To date, we have two operating offices that offer quality services for your ideas worldwide. We strive to work with our customers in a close contact, informing them about all important stages of the project.

The biggest priority to us is the high performance of our proceedings. In our work we apply recent trends in hardware & software development. Our activity is based on the long-term traditions, best practices and strong scientific base.

Every product starts with an idea, but alone it's not enough. Choosing us means you make perfect choice for realization your project in life. Start cooperating with us and we won't let you down.


We have started as Computer Vision Systems in 1999 when it was founded the team of post-graduates on the base of Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics. For our team it was very significant to participate in scientific development for Russian Institutes and companies, which enabled us to accumulate experience in fields of complex video data processing and hardware design. It is important that the founders of the company have academic degree in computer science.

Since 2004 we have formed a self-sufficiency scientific team to provide services to number of Russian companies on the contract basis. In July 2005 we made a decision to go out to the international market to provide our services and active skills to foreign partners and customers directly and got SpecForge name. Over 10 years of SpecForge's success shows two main benefits we grant to our customers – the significant cost reduction and high technological innovative solutions.


Our company employs a number of professional developers with extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field of commercial and scientific development.


All SpecForge’s employees has higher education and required skills


Proficient team leaders with PhD in computer science


Continuous training in development and programming languages


Our office is equipped with the most modern hardware, software and secure network connectivity.

About Tomsk

Tomsk is a Russian city in Western Siberia, the administrative center of Tomsk region. It is situated on the right bank of the River Tom. One of the oldest Siberian cities, Tomsk was established in 1604 as a military fortress outpost, becoming a capital of immense governorship by the beginning of XX century. The very the first University beyond the Urals was opened here, in 1888.
Tomsk is an industrial center. Its leading spheres are the oil and gas industry, instrumentation, energetics, engineering, pharmaceutical and food processing.
Tomsk is an educational and innovation center. Today, there are six state universities and more then 40 scientific institutes. Science in Tomsk is closely developing with the largest research centers in the world. Lately, Tomsk State University and Tomsk Polytechnic University both were granted the status of a National Research Institution. Tomsk Economic Zone has been working since 2005, establishing enterprises for IT and electronics, nanotechnologies and resource saving technologies, medicine and biotechnology.
Tomsk is also a cultural center. One of the most remarkable features of Tomsk is its astonishing architecture, created by the hands of masters from Europe. Tomsk is world famous for its gorgeous historical wooden buildings. There is probably no one who is indifferent to the variety and beauty of Tomsk. Today, Tomsk is fast developing city with big plans to the future.

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