Motorized multifocal IP video camera


The remote management ability to zones of interest on 2-axis, the ability to remotely control zoom-focus. Resolution for each channel 1920x1080 @ 30fps (up to 2592x1920@ 10 fps). Temperature control inside the case, the ability of remote connecting and disconnecting camera power. Our multifocal camera is designed to test video analytics algorithms that out team develops.

  • Application area Video processing
  • Used languages C/C++, Python
  • Used technologies Linux kernel, BSP, Arduino Software
  • Used CAD/ISE Altium Designer, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, ArtCAM
  • Technical description of the project
  • Data/Specification sheets
  • Custom design rules and requests
  • Block diagram
  • Schematic
  • PCB Layout
  • Bill of materials
  • Assembly drawings
  • Drill/Pick and place
  • Test plan

What we did

  • Creating concepts
  • Electrical schematics design
  • PCB layout beneath customer housing
  • 3D modeling of mechanism
  • Preparing technical documentation for PCBs production and assembly
  • Launch and testing of PCB prototypes
  • Drawing and manufacturing of cameras mounting mechanism and motorization
  • Production of prototype details and unit
  • Mechanism assembling and tuning
  • Production management controller engines
  • The implementation of the software for the control of all functions via Ethernet

Features of design

    This is a kind of unique design, the platform for development the processing and video analytics algorithms. Full programming access to the position of lenses in expanse for each channel, control zoom-focus, feedback with algorithms. This allows you to test alive adaption algorithms, stereo vision, positioning in zones of interest, support for multiple zones and others.

    If you interested, we will make such platform you on order.
    Price can be specified, contact us.

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