Multi Channel Video/Audio Matrix Switcher


Video/Audio Matrix Switcher boards with capability of switching 8 Component/RGBHV Video Sources/Inputs to 4 Zones/Outputs. Bandwidth of 350 MHz supports all resolutions up to 1080p. Optical IR, Wired IR, RS 232, Front Panel Controls.

  • Application area Consumer electronics
  • Used CAD/ISE Altium Designer, AutoCAD, OrCAD
  • Link
  • Data/Specification sheets
  • Custom design rules and requests
  • Schematic
  • PCB Layout
  • Bill of materials
  • Assembly drawings
  • Drill/Pick and place

What we did

  • Porting electrical schematics from OrCAD
  • PCB layout on principled customer design
  • Due to the high complexity of double-checking circuits and component footprints
  • Preparing technical documentation to PCBs production

Features of design

  • Main boards and expansion boards
  • 12 Layers PCB, high density layouting
  • Very complex electromagnetic environment on boards
  • PCB impedance control
  • Combination the large number of independent channels as analog and digital signals, presence of some pulse power supplies on board makes its layout difficult, but interesting task

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