Microcontroller's programming


In automation system, management, measurement of physical quantities, where do not require large computing power, but needed the implementation of mathematical calculations and functional dependencies, widely used microcontrollers. They’re cheap, easy to configure, debug and have necessary for most tasks interfaces and data protocols. In order to microcontroller is began to fulfill its functions need to write a program and load it in microcontroller memory.

  • Application area industrial automation, home automation, measurement automation, consumer electronics
  • Used programming languages C/C++, assembler
  • Controllers Atmel AVR ATmega series, Atmel ARM-based MCUs, PIC MCUs, Siemens C161
  • Development environments AVR Studio, Arduino Software (IDE), etc

What we did

Programming microcontrollers on developed by us or provided by customer boards. Work experience with microcontrollers from various manufacturers and architecture. Working with interfaces modules: LCD module, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, UART, I2C, SPI, USB, temperature and humidity sensors, ultrasonic distance meters, state-machine, asynchronous data transmission blocks, etc.

Project list

  • Program to Arduino for transfer GCM messages on Android phone by specified occasions
  • Management and control module of housing parameters for cameras
  • Bus passenger counter on the crossing infrared beams
  • Torch burning controller
  • Front-end DVR control board with indication
  • High-precise test manometer
  • LCD module connection board
  • Multifocal camera control board
  • Automation system of ferris wheel gondola
  • Management controller of lighting for poultry plant, short circuit protection, load up 36 kW, work on defined program
  • Device for smooth switching on of incandescent lamp
  • Standalone microcontroller guard alarm device

More projects


HTML5 RTSP player

html5_rtsp_player.js is a Javascript library which implements RTSP client for watching live streams over websocket in your browser that works directly on top of a standard HTML element.


U-Boot and RedBoot modification for embedded boards

Changes to the boot code in accordance with the peculiarities and differences from the reference designed board to prepare the board to boot the OS.


VHDL/Verilog FPGA programming

Converting physical interfaces on the fly. Implement algorithms in real time. The implementation of high-speed data bus. Parallel, pipelined processing.